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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
You mean this STEAM survey, where ATi has 31% of the market and NVIDIA has 62% of the market? Where the Top 20 slots for DX10 cards break down NVIDIA-13, Ati- 5, Intel-2? Where the 48 series you say "took over" really trails the 9800/GTX 200 series they compete against? Where all the 5X series combined have barely sold more than the GTX260 alone?

You sure you want to point out the STEAM survey Xion? It really makes me happy when you do, pointing out lopsided statistics like the above would probably be trolling if I wasn't correcting your erroroneous info.
Am I missing something here? Allow me to suggest that you look up the definition of "prevalent." To me, 38% of the market who own ATI or Intel is "prevalent" as in "widely existing." It's not the majority (which I never said it was,) but that is certainly "widely existing."

Now, if you think that a developer is going to spend time coding a feature that 38% of the market will never get to experience, then you go on and believe it. However, the fact that you can only pull 15 titles that either exist or are in development using GPU-based PhysX pretty much proves my point. This doesn't even take into account that half of those titles are second-rate and not even worth playing. Or that those that actually are decent implement very, very watered down effects.

In addition, that 31% for ATI will most likely grow given the disappointment that Fermi has turned out to be thus far. Nvidia will own the majority of the enthusiast market for a while to come still, but the growing population of ATI users is too large for developers to just ignore.

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