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Default Re: Why can't we have composite with overlay?

Originally Posted by davelaser View Post
Why isn't it allowed to have the X composite extension turned on and overlay support in the nvidia driver?

Doesn't the overlay hardware just read the framebuffer and put the video where it sees a certain keycolour? Admittedly with composite and transparency you might get some funny effects over the video sometimes but I can't see any technical reason why it wouldn't work. And it would allow perfect vsync in a composite environment (which isn't currently possible at all).

Am I missing something here?
Well because the overlay can't be redirected and therefore bypasses the CM completely, which would just end up creating visual artifacts.

VSYNC should be possible using any opengl based CM like compiz or mutter "isn't currently possible at all" is just wrong ... it works just fine, if it doesn't it is likely a configuration issue.
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