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Default Re: tearing with vdpau on multi-monitor setup

DeiF, are you sure your DFP is actually DFP-0 not e.g. DFP-1 etc.? Take a look at Xorg.0.log to confirm; I believe the numbering is based at least partially on physical connector, rather than the first active DFP always being DFP-0.

davelaser, I did briefly take a look at plumbing this setting through nvidia-settings, and it's certainly non-trivial. Second, it won't really solve the problem at all, since settings made by nvidia-settings don't persist across logout or reboot without manual effort that I imagine would be considered just as difficult as setting an environment variable. An xorg.conf option would be the best solution persistence-wise, but that is also manually-configured, so doesn't really help ease-of-use.
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