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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by XMAN52373 View Post
[H] is going to be doing another Metro 2033 game play review that deals with PhysX settings and how cards handle that.

That would be great to see if users on a single GTX480 card,would have to lower graphics quality significantly in order to keep the FPS performance smooth enough to remain playable on a single GPU.

If there's no need to do it,or only lowering it to a relatively small degree,then users don't really have to choose between better graphics quality or better physics effects,as the vast majority of users out there only use a single video card in their systems afterall,not 2 of them,and that would definitely be an advantage to make Gpu PhysX become widely supported between developers.

Let's face it here....10~15 games being supported in the 2+ years Nvidia has owned PhysX isn't exactly making it increadibly popular,at least for the time being.
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