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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
1. The 4800 series is not "a card", it's at least three cards. (4850, 4870, 4870X2) You think we can add up three cards from NVIDIA that competed against those three and come up with a higher number? (hint: Just the 9800 series and GTX260s beat the whole 4800 series)
2. JPR tells a different story than you, ATi market share went down last reported quarter, and they had a full line of DX11 cards out!
Talk about Epic FAIL- you competitor is selling off last gen DX10 parts, you have your whole line of DX11 parts out AND highly competitive DX10.1 parts, and you lose desktop discrete marketshare. ATi must be getting used to how AMD has felt for a long, long time now. No matter what they do, people won't buy their stuff.
3. I have a "hunch" there won't be anymore "current rates" of sales for 5XXX parts, watch as GTX470/480 parts cut them in half or worse. Your "current trends" are based on a. fallacious data b. a market where they have no competition. That's all gone homey. Time for ATi to go back to their corner in the basement.

So i guess dealing with a full on recession,8 million people in the US alone having lost their jobs and companies flatout going bankrupt and closing down isn't contributing in the least right?....Nvidia's last quarter financial report wasn't exactly stellar you know.
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