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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
That would be great to see if users on a single GTX480 card,would have to lower graphics quality significantly in order to keep the FPS performance smooth enough to remain playable on a single GPU.

If there's no need to do it,or only lowering it to a relatively small degree,then users don't really have to choose between better graphics quality or better physics effects,as the vast majority of users out there only use a single video card in their systems afterall,not 2 of them,and that would definitely be an advantage to make Gpu PhysX become widely supported between developers.

Let's face it here....10~15 games being supported in the 2+ years Nvidia has owned PhysX isn't exactly making it increadibly popular,at least for the time being.
Funny thing, same thing was being chimed back when SM3 was launched too then when ATI finially added it to their cards, it was OMG look at the detail. Why does this feel like SM3 pt 2 all over again?
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