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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by XMAN52373 View Post
Funny thing, same thing was being chimed back when SM3 was launched too then when ATI finially added it to their cards, it was OMG look at the detail. Why does this feel like SM3 pt 2 all over again?

Well to quote steve sellers,one of the CEO's of the late 3Dfx,who played a huge part in starting 3D graphics on the desktop at affordable prices,he mentioned in an interview a long time ago that a new feature is only worth supporting if it can be pulled off while maintaining good FPS performance.

Remember during that time period when gamers and enthusiats were hotly debating between SM 2.0/2.0b and SM 3.0,looking at games being rendered with each version to see if noticable visual differences could be seen,or if performance using SM 3.0 was better with the hardware available at the time,even if the visuals were the same,and it was no on both counts for the most part?

ATI at the time claimed that SM 3.0 did have some advantages in performing certain effects in a single pass,while several passes would be needed to accomplish the same with SM2.0/2.0b,but by the time shader effects were created to use SM 3.0 effectively,and show noticable IQ differences,Nvidia's hardware at the time simply wasn't fast enough to output that at 60 Fps anyhow,so it was kinda a moot point when you look back at it now.
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