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Okay I love your avatar.

I came home for lunch, I turned on the PC and went to my afternoon client which is like 5 minutes from my house. I came back 3 hours later, and **** the room was HOTHOTHOTHOTHOT. I checked temps and they were fine, i7 idling at high 40's (normal for me) and gpu's all at 51/48/40. Keep in mind there was no ceiling fan or a/c on in my house for the time. Around load they are 94/88/72.

I have a dell 840 sitting right next to my gaming computer that runs 24/7, but it doesn't get hot and is pretty silent (i swapped out the stock fans).

I need to order a new intake fan tonight, and possibly a side intake fan and mount to my side panel.

ninja edit: I only turn on my gaming pc a few times during the week, I work soley off my mbp, and vm's from my server. so its not like its running for 9 hrs a day, at the most it will see a total of maybe 15~20 hrs of uptime throughout the week.
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