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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
First, as Metro is one of those system punishing games that pretty much requires two GPUs at high res even without AA, it's pretty obvious you need another card for PhysX.

Second, how many other GPU physics accelerated games are there in the world? Oh yeah - none. So it's wildly popular compared to it's competition. IIRC it took at least a year for there to even be more than ten DX10 games, and that was a MS standard.

Can you name one proprietary ATi standard that has EVER made it into more games than PhysX? (e.g. Tru Form) Didn't think so. Broken promises, no dev relations, same old situation.

Sure i can.....Microsoft adopted the idea's that ATI were working on as the final specification of what turned out to be the DX9 standard(24 bit floating point precision and SM 2.0 features),which royally screwed over Nvidia,and the FX5800/5900/5950 cards for nearly 2 years,until Nvidia released the 6800 cards(NV40 GPU).

That's an entire graphics API for game creation that all developers had to abide by for several years,not just a specific feature here or there....

And if metro still requires dual GPU's for graphics and physics,then it's up to Nvidia to release much faster hardware still.....To be honest,i played the game about 1/2 way thru,and it doesn't look as good as Crysis does.
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