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Default Re: Physx Games Coming out?

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Look where his business philosophy got him. Was he CEO when NVIDIA bought his company?

I loved 3DFX stuff in the V1/V2 salad days, but they aren't who I'd point to for business wisdom. They made several large misteps until they were bought outright, sort of like ATi.

Usually one points at the guys who succeeded as back up for their view points.

Funny,Nvidia still uses the SLI designation for it's MultiGPU configurations,which was first created and used by 3Dfx and their voodoo cards,although SLI in those days meant scanline interleave where one card rendered the even lines,and the other the odd ones(CRT display days).

Nvidia also bought out Ageia,which their PPU used the novodex physics API,and Nvidia renamed it to PhysX,so there's no new technology being developed there either.
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