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Default Re: TV out useless after debian squeeze upgrade

Just want to confirm that I see this too, using Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic amd64... and Windows 7!

My setup is: Geforce 9500GT --> 7-pin-to-component adapter --> composite cable attached to the "blue" output --> TV

I'm currently using the 173.14.20 driver under Ubuntu, which works. Under Windows, I think it's the 180 series driver, which also works.

Stepping up to the 185 series driver on either OS, and it would display the boot screens, then go blank. The 190 and 195 series drivers didn't help.

I tried all sorts of tweaks to Xorg.conf - the usual things like setting the TV type and such, disabling TwinView, etc. I think the issue was, the TV encoder chip wasn't detecting the connected TV. It thought there was nothing there. This was in Xorg.0.log.

Perhaps this helps?
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