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Default Re: Are you going to buy Fermi?

Pay special attention on which wall outlet you plug the system into though,as it would be better if had it's own dedicated circuit breaker for that outlet,as in most homes,the breakers are rated at 15 amps at 120 volts,so that's 1800 watts that can be drawn from the circuit before the breaker shuts it down.

A 1500 watt power supply isn't 100% efficient at turning AC current into DC current(usually about 85% at best),so for the power supply to dish out 1500 watts to the system(if needed),it needs 1725 watts from that wall outlet,so it's not far from making that breaker shut the whole thing down.

1:So there's 2 options available,make that specific wall socket where you plug your PC into have it's own breaker,and make sure nothing else is plugged into that same breaker(lights in the room,TV,etc).

2:Hire a contractor to modify the breaker in that room and swap it with a 20 Amp breaker,if the wiring in the house can handle it(He'll know).....The room will then have 2400 watts being supplied to it,and a lot more breathing room to plug in everything.
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