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Originally posted by dan2097
That fx 5950 review had too much benching at high resolution for my liking. My monitor supports up to 1600x1200 @75hz but I probably would never use any resolution over 1280x1024. Most people have similar/worse monitors i.e. most of the TFT owners cant go over 1280x1024.

The upcoming FX5600U/5900 review here will feature 10x7 and 12x10 benchies exclusively... My monitor doesn't do 16x12...

Plus most who will spend >$250 on a card will probably have a monitor that does 16x12... those wanting to spend $190-$249 are less likely to have a 16x12 capable monitor or TFT...

Mike's review features 4XAA/8XAF tests... and this was with a 5950 on a high end system... I'm gonna be doing 4XAA/4XAF on mine... the test beds I'm working on are 1.91-2.2ghz T-Breds, so they're not as high up on the totem pole... plus the 5900 has a stock memory freq @ 700...

For those really wanting 8XAF performance hit info, I'm also running tests with JUST 8XAF...

I hope the will help with those looking for some realistic NV35 figures for their midgrade setups...


Oh, and Mike? DAMN good review. Me likey... It's totally un-stale, like a piece of homemade bread fresh outta the toaster!!


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