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Default Re: Are you going to buy Fermi?

Originally Posted by agentkay View Post
I'm comfortable. But no I won't water-cool it, if noise should really bother me I'll get an aftermarket aircooler but I'm confident that I'll balance temps/airflow and noise just fine even with the stock cooler. Going ATI/AMD is simply not an option for me, they don't have the features I want plus hell has to freeze over before I will give them a single penny of my money.

^ What he said.

ATi is great competition though. I have no desire for them to go out of business.

Will I see a huge improvement over my 295? Nope. But I want one. So I'm buying a single 480

Originally Posted by methimpikehoses
Correct. I have a 295 already, it's loud and hot and performs the same as a 480. So no need to switch over, since there is nothing to gain.
Hmm..Not sure I completely agree, DX11 and Tess come to mind, but's not a huge upgrade.

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