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Default Re: The wait is over!

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis View Post
Did ATI help Nvidia with their Eyefinity technology? No?
No doubt, however you don't have to re-code games to enable Eyefinity. That was my point. I just hope that game-devs don't cripple games or orient them to only support features on one card v/s another.

From what I have been told, Nvidia does not have a mind to keep PhysX from AMD/ATI but instead wants to see it be used as an industry standard.
I guess there are different ways to look at it. I was pretty pissed when I found out I could not use my secondary card as a physx card when it worked fine before. If you want to make a standard, why lock out people who already own your product and were told that they could use their cards for this wonderous new technology? See what I mean?

You do need SLI to run three monitors with Nvidia due to having two connectors and you want SLI anyways as stereoscopic gaming means you reduce the framerate you have in 2d. If you render each frame twice instead of once logic dictates that will happen.

My understanding is that 3-d cuts frame-rate in half, so with sli do the cards try and push the frame-rate to twice the level or do they render to each side @ the regular frame-rate?

That is the most interesting thing for me
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