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Default Re: And the award for worst user interface of the year goes to....

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody View Post
Try switching weapons. Tell me that stupid method for switching weapons was made for PC. PC = Drag and drop. Not click to highlight, then click another area to highlight. Definitely made for a standard controller to do.
If you have guns equipped, scroll mouse-wheel and weapons will scroll. Weapons will scroll in the order you equip them in slots 1 thru 4. You have a maximum of 4 weapons slots, you can also decide to choose a weapon by selecting 1, 2, 3 or 4.

How about ALL of the toggles in the game being backwards? Aim isn't toggle. Crouching isn't toggle. Running is toggle . Tell me thats not setup for console friendly.
Aim is not toggled, you can bind if you want to. Given the nature of many of the sniper weapons, you will come to appreciate it when you find the legendary weapons. With the recoil, different rates of fire and elemental special and splash effects, staying zoomed in would essentially blind you.

Crouching is a toggle. Running is also a toggle. Not sure why this is bad. Many games have this.

How about the glorious interface interface that NEVER works for inviting someone to your game? Sure we can blame GameSpy, but I blame the makers of Borderlands. They are the ones who chose Gamespy.
Yep, can't argue with you on this for the gamespy piece. But, I have not had issues with inviting people to my server. Remember I invited you, your friend and my friend. 3 people joined my server with my invites. I only ever received 1 invite from your end which, unfortunately, I cancelled while I was chatting in a steam window with you.

Look. I'm not saying I don't like Borderlands. Its not a bad game. Not by a long shot. Its got some really good things about it. I actually kinda like it in a way. But the interface and controls just downright stink.
Yah, it has a lot of love/hate

I just love the whole finding of new weapons thing, levelling up and going on raids/quests v/s much higher ranked enemies like the Crawmerax and others.

Given some of the terrible games I have previously played, and given some of the issues you spoke about when we were playing on the same server, I just don't buy everything you have spoken about
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