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Default Re: Are you going to buy Fermi?

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
There's a lot of fanboy accusations flying around here. But I think the majority of everyone here knows that primarily this site has nvidia fans (why else would you join a site called nvnews [besides an ati user who wants to troll but they'd get banned pretty fast]). And yet a lot of people here have switched to ATI or are possibly planning on it. Just nvidia users are let down... if not by the performance, the price. I think the premium nvidia is demanding for the 480 is too much. And while the 470 falls comfortably in its place, I was willing to spend a little bit more to get a 5870 (actually I had a coupon code so I was basically able to get one for around the same price).

If the 480 were more competitively priced I think there'd be less defectors. Anyway my point is when it boils down to it, it has nothing to do with fanboyism but rather people just trying to get the best bang for the buck.
This is very insightful, and I wish certain people on this site saw it this way. I hate it when people call ANYONE on this site an ATI fanboy simply because they chose Cypress or Hemlock over Fermi.

I've been an Nvidia user since I got into high performance computing with the Geforce 4 Ti 4200. Hell, I even owned a crappy FX 5900 because I thought it was the best thing under the sun. This time, Nvidia dropped the ball and was unable to release a product that was competitive at the same time as ATI. It took them 6 months to get their process and architecture sorted out, and even now, it's still crippled by less than promised performance and higher energy and heat output. ATI, on the other hand, delivered everything they promised, and they delivered it on time. They even threw in a little mint in the form of Eyefinity to sweeten the deal.

I am anything but a fanboy. Am I passionate about the 5870 I have in my computer right now? Hell yes I am! It's a great product. Am I a fanboy? No, and I never will be. I give my hard earned money to the company that has the best product at the best price. To me, ATI has that product currently. Hopefully, Nvidia will catch up within the next 6 months and recapture the market share that they've lost.

Those of you that think we're ATI fanboys are so blinded by the fact that we don't own an Nvidia card that you're willing to attack us openly. If you truly feel this way, please seek help. As much fire as you have for your company, it's not worth it to risk your reputation based on the fact that you don't like something about ATI.

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