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Default Re: Quadview possibe? (Quadro NVS 420)

Well I finally broke down and bought the DVI detective =( Once I did that I had no problems except the ordering of the inputs.

Aparrantly When running 3840x2400@33 Hz using two inputs the monitor had inputs like:

A1 A2

So i figured that going to four displays it would be:

A1 A2
B1 B2

(in reading order). Thus each matrox triplehead2go would drive each half of the screen (vertically). Well what ended up happening was:

A1 B1
A2 B2

This isn't very optimum as when I am running in single output mode (BIOS post and what not) I am only seeing half the screen. I might see if I can get the triplehead2go's to do 1920x2400 (twice) instead of 3840x1200 (twice) to solve this issue. I took some pictures of my setup here if anyone is curious:

Someone said something about all 4 links needing to be genlocked or something but so far its worked everytime X has started up and there is only a very very slight amount of tearing. It might seem so slight because its @ 41Hz but it was barely noticeable even when running a game so I don't think they are gen locked but I am having no problems getting the full refresh rate.

This ended up being more expensive than I expected. I got $80 off the dvi-detectives as I bought open boxed ones off ebay which prompted me to do this whole thing (as it took off $160 from the original $600 price tag) but the 4 DVI detectives after tax/shipping were about $230 or so which means it ended up costng me a bit over $700 after everything was said and done =( Only $100 less than my vp2290b itself cost.

I have to admit that it feels soo much nicer at 41 Hz though. Before it felt like there was input lag when dragging my mouse and now games are actually playable at the full resolution. Running. I definitely noticed an immediate difference in just everyday use of the monitor.
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