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Default Re: Quadview possibe? (Quadro NVS 420)

Originally Posted by Xevious View Post
Do you mean add a mode that is just a single monitor?

Originally Posted by Xevious View Post
I don't really get how deleting the wide screen edid mode is going to help me here as I am widescreen.
If you delete the wide screen mode from the TH2G EDID list, then Xorg won't
auto-detect the TH2G any more for the 3840x1200 mode, but you can force the
X-Server to generate the necessary output by adding appropriate options to
xorg.conf (please check the xorg.conf attached to posting #8, above) and the
TH2G will go into the appropriate mode: the actual modes displayed are
independent from the EDIDs stored! In fact, certain wide screen modes can't
be stored in the EDID (i.e. 5040x1050), because the pixel timing values are
beyond the 12 bit limit (4095) of the EDID pixel timing fields, so in those cases,
hand-crafted xorg.conf files are the only way to go.

In this context, I'm wondering how the modeline for the 2x 1920x1200 mode
fits into the EDID since the horizontal total (4160) is beyond the 12 bit limit.
Maybe the TH2G is using a different timing setting in case it needs to store
it in the EDID. It would be interesting to see what timing values your X-server
detects - can you please generate an nvidia-bug-report.log and post it? TIA!

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