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Default Re: And the award for worst user interface of the year goes to....

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody View Post
Try switching weapons. Tell me that stupid method for switching weapons was made for PC. PC = Drag and drop. Not click to highlight, then click another area to highlight. Definitely made for a standard controller to do.
Well there is a limited carry capacity and only two weapon slots. I don't think the switching weapons is based on consoles, it's just based on the carry limitations given.

How about ALL of the toggles in the game being backwards? Aim isn't toggle. Crouching isn't toggle. Running is toggle . Tell me thats not setup for console friendly.

How about the glorious interface interface that NEVER works for inviting someone to your game? Sure we can blame GameSpy, but I blame the makers of Borderlands. They are the ones who chose Gamespy.
Use the config editor. Aiming and crouching are toggles for me and I like toggle on running so I don't have to hold shift all the time.

Look. I'm not saying I don't like Borderlands. Its not a bad game. Not by a long shot. Its got some really good things about it. I actually kinda like it in a way. But the interface and controls just downright stink.
After you use that tool, I don't think you will have issues.
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