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Default Re: Are you going to buy Fermi?

I just look for the GTX 480 to be around $600 or more just like the HD5970 which is priced around $700 and more. because of the low quanities and it will more then likely be the middle of may or latter before any decent amount of cards actually come out ,unless nvidia is loseing money on them and decide not make to many high end cards.and go with the middle of the road cards.Some people might call it a flop but I don't think it is a flop because it is faster then a HD 5870 in most all cases.but you can't deny it does draw the power and it does run pretty warm and it does'nt have a cheap cooler on it.I just can't see myself getting one unless they come down in price ,which I don't see that happened.I was so hopeing it would be 30% to 40% faster then a HD5870 and really I was hopeing it would be faster then a HD5970.Just because a lot of nvidia people went with ATI this time around ,I hope we are not being consider a ATI fanboy.I have always went with what I thought was the better deal.I just don't think the GTX 480 is the better deal this go around.The GTX 480 is just to hot which is going to make it have a loud fan to try to keep it cool.I really think for the money the HD 5850 is the best deal at least running two of them in cross-fire.Even the HD5770 is a great card excpecially running it in sli or TRI SLI.I still have never had any problem with studdering with nvidia or ATI.I still would Like to have just one card with one GPU that is as fast as a HD 5970 running at 850/1200.But This time around I wanted to go with the quite Computer.I have a HAF 932 and I had took out the 230mm fan and put 4 120mm fans on the side putting out over 400CFM so I could keep my three GTX 280's cool. I took them out and put back in the 230mm fan and cut the noise in half.Plus the Gigabytes HD5870's I went with are quite and never go above 50c.I wish nvidia could shrink there die and make ther GTX 480 run cooler and draw less power.I wish they could make a card with 4 GPU and each have 750million transistors working as one GPU and have 2 gigs of memory all working together.I would even like to see when SLI or TRI SLI and cross-fire and Tri-fire be able to use all of there memory instead of just loseing the extra memory.Look like they could make them where they could be able to use all there memory as just one big card.
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