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Default GeForce 200 Series & HDMI audio & PCI sound card

Apparently GT 220 and, as far as I know, all other models from 200 series don't have S/PDIF connectors on them as these video adapters have on-board audio processor that gets audio signal via PCI-E interface of the MB (motherboard) instead of S/PDIF connectors. I was was planning to buy GT 220 or some other video adapter from the series but I just discovered nVIDIA removed S/PDIF connector and am having second thoughts on this purchase option as I want to be able to use audio over HDMI feature.

The thing is that I don't see how I can use audio over HDMI feature because, like many other people, am not using MB audio but rather a Creative Sound Blaster PCI sound card. There is no SPDIF connector on GT 220 and since my on-board audio processor is both faulty and disabled (as it would have to be disabled even if it was working) am at a loss here.

Any thoughts? Did nVIDIA forget about all of the people who are using PCI sound cards or is there a way for audio over HDMI in this set-up?
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