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Default Re: Quadview possibe? (Quadro NVS 420)

Originally Posted by JaXXoN View Post
However, I'm wondering if in your special case you could get away without *any*
of the TH2Gs by using a simple twinview setup (off on GPU): each of two DVI
outputs generate a 1920x2400 signal at 48 Hz and the two outputs are then
combined into a single screen with twinview.
I downloaded the user guide for the VP2290b and it seems that each of the four
channels is just a single link DVI with a maximum of 165MHz, so the proposed
"TH2G-less" variant would only work at 25 Hz.

The user guide mentions a dual link (d-l) 3840x2400 mode on channel 1, but that
wouldn't gain you anything either (again, 25 Hz).

BTW.: it seems like that the VP2290b is reporting an EDID, but only on channel 1.
This is why the TH2Gs get confused and you needed those DVI detectives.
(maybe you can take that one for channel 1 out, but that's not going to be a big
win, then).

You may like to experiment with a modeline that has a 40.9 Hz / 48 Hz
refresh frequency in order to come close to the internal standard / extended
refresh rates. Maybe that has an influence on the tearing that you have

ModeLine "3840x1200_48.0" 246.60 3840 3904 3968 4160 1200 1203 1213 1235 +HSync +VSync
ModeLine "3840x1200_40.9" 212.13 3840 3904 3968 4160 1200 1203 1213 1235 +HSync +VSync

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