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Default Re: Locating symbol sunOglCurPrimTablePtr in Solaris-x86 OpenGL libraries

It turned out that certain standard OpenGL API would be translated into SUN's internal functions. By defining SUN_OGL_NO_VERTEX_MACRO compilation flag, the program wouldn't refer to sunOgl* symbol anymore and the issue resolved.

The information is found at, item 9:
Without the SUN_OGL_NO_VERTEX_MACRO compilation flag, all calls to glVertex*(), glNormal*(),
glColor*(), glIndex*() and glTexCoord*() will be translated into internal, performance-enhanced routines.
These function calls will NOT show up when dbx() is used, or when performing SLI-related interposing of
OpenGL for Solaris applications.
I'm not sure where exactly did this translation occur, but our issue resolved!
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