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Default Re: Are you going to buy Fermi?

Originally Posted by lee63 View Post
Considering the rumor of only 8000, I guess I cant lose money. Its nice to have a rarity though.

If the rumor is true,i wonder if a refresh card using Fermi's full 512 shaders is going to be released(much)sooner rather than later,and the reason for it lies in the past for both ATI and Nvidia:

When Nvidia launched the FX5800 in early 2003,which also suffered from a 6 month delay,and the performance of it wasn't exactly what people expected to say the least,Nvidia released the FX5900 series about 2~3 months later,which addressed the memory bandwith issue by moving to a 256 bit memory bus.

And on ATI's end,we had the X2900XT cards in mid 2007,which were also 6+ months late compared to the 8800GTX,used a lot of power and ran hot and the cooling was noisy,but also didn't take the performance crown either,and in that case too,a refresh was released about 3 months later in the form of the HD3870 cards,which were a lot cheaper to make,used a lot less power,ran cooler and were more silent,even though performance didn't really improve over the X2900XT...

So given the above,i'm wondering how many 480 SP fermi cards is Nvidia going to ship overall,seeing that they have to be worried about a refresh card from ATI coming out in the next couple of months.....
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