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Default Re: 180.08 & red checkerboard

Originally Posted by danix View Post
To those experiencing this issue:

Unfortunately, we have not had success reliably reproducing this problem. We would like to better understand the problem and get a fix delivered in a future driver release, so it would help if you could all post a nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file so that we have more information about your system configurations (exact GPU model, number and type of displays connected, kernel and X server versions, CPU type and MB chipset, etc.) and perhaps get more insight into under what circumstances this happens and why. The nvidia-bug-report-log-gz can be generated by running "" as root.

Since this is a video playback issue, the following may also help us:

- Version of mplayer and any command line flags used when calling it
- Codecs, resolutions, and framerates of video files used
- If possible, a link to a video file that reliably reproduces this problem (The file must not infringe any copyrights.)

Edit: I have noticed that many of you are reporting this issue against GeForce 8600-series GPUs. Is anybody experiencing this on other hardware?
Right so I figured I'd finally get around to posting some info on this. I am using the standard Ubuntu 9.10 version of gstreamer and totem to play the video files (but mplayer with xv output also causes the issue).

That is:
totem 2.28.2
GStreamer Core Library version 0.10.25

The type of video file seems to have little influence on the pattern but here is one that definitely causes it at least some of the time:

NOTE: this is my personal web server, please do not download this video unless you are nvidia staff or trying to repro the bug as my connection is not that fast!

I have a geforce 8800GT. Bug report attached. The bug is hard to reproduce reliably and seems to happen at random, I just tried several times to provoke it but got nothing. It does happen though and once it starts occuring usually it will continue with some regularity. I agree with the earlier posters, it seems more common when amarok is running. One time I was watching a movie just fine, then unminimized amarok from the systray and bam, red checkered patterns (this is amarok 1.4 by the way, not the newer 2.x series, it uses qt3). The version of amarok 1.4 I am using is the latest from this ppa:

I have attached a bug report. And here is a screenshot of the effect for good measure:

If you need any more info just ask.

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