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Default Re: Are you going to buy Fermi?

ATI's refresh is too close and the nVidia cards are just too hot, power hungry, and expensive for what I'd get from them.

I'll sit this gen out with my 8800 ultra and wait for the respins. IF rumors are true, it should be interesting. And usually respins/refreshes turn out better than the first gen of a new line (ie., GF to GF2, GF3 to GF4, R9700 to R9800, FX5800 to 5900, even 8800 to 9800).

DX11 is not prevalent enough and not even in the rare cases where it is used is it being utilized to any effect worth the expense of upgrading.

I do tip my hat to those glorious fools that put three of these 480's into one computer though. I salute you and wish you well into your incredible journey into the fiery heart of gamedom!
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