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Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Linux where the performance is s*it and no AA/AF.
If you want pure performance then Linux is where it's at. Period. As far as conversions in Wine from D3D to OpenGL you might lose a bit obviously depending on what it is. UT3 was the big native Linux client release that everyone has been waiting for since forever but playing it through Wine/Linux I can see why Icculus and Epic haven't really bothered that much getting it out the door lately. From my own experience, with every release the gap gets narrower and narrower and eventually you won't even notice the difference.

In saying "you can't please everyone" , I mean if you change one thing just for one application then 100 other applications might or will be affected adversely. That's what you have to keep in mind as far as the Wine Project goes and why people build there own personal versions of Wine(myself included) with all kinds of hacks/patches to make certain things work like they want.

.:Still keeping his fingers crossed for a native Linux HL2:EP3 client installer:.
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