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Default Re: And the award for worst user interface of the year goes to....

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
Bro you make a cry thread at least two or three times a month.

When you go to the dentist... cry thread.

When you have lasik... cry thread.

When you buy a new game... cry thread.

When you get up to pee and stub your toe.. cry thread.
You're an idiot. So having complications in eye surgery is "crying"? I guess by your set of posting rules, this is a "crying" thread too.

Nerds like you need to just get a life. When I play a new game, I say my .02 cents about it. Whether good or bad, I speak my mind. Somehow speaking my mind is "crying" to you. I guess that's how overweight/poor nerds like you feel good about yourself. Just remember. Your little pathetic life will never be 1/10th as good as mine, and there isn't a damn thing you can ever do about it.

I'm going to continue to post about games I play. If it makes you nerd rage(which it usually does), then I'd say my post was a success.

So far, this post is one of the biggest success threads ever.
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if tygerwoody says its bad, its bad.
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