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Default Re: Are you going to buy Fermi?

Originally Posted by XxDeadlyxX View Post
Is there any advantage to buying factory superclocked versions? (ie. EVGA's one?) Do they give any advantage in terms of being able to clock higher than standard versions on air due to starting at 725MHz instead of 700MHz?

Or does it make no difference and standard versions can overclock just as well? Because unless the superclocked versions overclock better what is the advantage in getting them?
Other than they guarantee it as it is (overclocked)? I don't think so....they test it to make sure it can handle the overclock, and slap their lifetime warranty ON the overclock....

You may not be able to oc a normal 480 as much..or at all.... (this is just me thinkin' outloud, ie: opinion...Other more knowledgeable people here may have different insight,and I'd bow to their opinions...)..

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