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Default Re: And the award for worst user interface of the year goes to....

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody View Post
And why not? If you could read, you would see that I think the game is fun. The interface and controls stink, but its still a fun game. Oblivion is one of my favorite games ever, but its interface is nearly as bad as Borderlands.

Hunt, you aren't relevant with anything you say. You are one of those guys where you could do or say anything you want to me or anyone else, but we all know you are a lonely fat video game nerd at home, so nothing you can say will bother anyone. The more you post in my threads, the more I laugh at you. And I mean that in the most polite possible way I could say it.

Back to playing Borderlands. Later on I might play some Battlefield to get some sniping done while nerds make their accusations of aimbot.
Lol. And the more you post threads the more I laugh at you. You don't realize I don't give a crap what you have to say.

Also, I played against you in BC2... anybody accusing you of aimbotting is clearly retarded.
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