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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

I don't have time to post bench marks, I'll get around to it mid next week. Overall I'm pretty happy with these cards

I was expecting a lot more noise, but its not bad at all..I would say it about the same or a little bit more than the 5870s, keep in mind that they're not in a case yet (out for powder coating)

I don't think the fans went over 60%...not sure about the temps but obviously its hot

The performance from what I could tell from the little I played was awesome....gone is the stutter in AvP and I'm able to play Metro with 4aa maxed with depth of field off and BC2 is playable @ 32xaa

It's nice to own Evga cards again, also cool to have adjustable profiles back.

I really enjoyed my 5870s the past five months...ATi have a awesome product, and by the look of things both company's futures are looking good for us gamers

I have nothing bad to say about ATi or their products, their drivers could be a little better but its good to see they're working on them frequently.

Props to ATi and NV for awesome bring on Crysis 2 and F3AR
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