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Default Re: Get a free "All Points Bulletin" beta key!!

Originally Posted by t3hl33td4rg0n View Post
Thats how they getcha

Also, its free for the first 10k people... and its a beta from a no-name developer whos only other game was a 360 exclusive, that doesn't garner much faith.

And since its UE3, I wouldnt be suprised if its a buggy mess. Despite the great things developers can do with UE3 (bioware, gearbox, etc), its very easy to create an unoptimized mess of crashing, arbitrary limitations (ubisoft, codemasters), and junk (ubisoft, codemasters).

The fact thats its going to be a monthly fee MMO is enough to deter a lot of people, including myself.

Have fun with the beta (who knows how thats gonna be), and when its over, well, you can get suckered into paying monthly for a game, or feel left out or something lol.
Nah I refuse to pay any sort of monthly fee to play a game so I will be ok. I am not cheap, but it is simply just against what I believe, but I will enjoy playing it for free while it is in beta.
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