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Default Re: Do You LIke Or Use Ubuntu? - Read This!

Originally Posted by gradinaruvasile View Post
The sound works well in all lapplications. However its a bit more time consuming to set it up (fewer out-of-the-box applications), but once done its really stable, everything works. And you *can* install packages made for Ubuntu if you know your way around the dependency system.
Time consuming as opposed to what?

The thought of using something like 8.04 now would be just pure agony. I don't know how we did it then but we did.

Since I've been using Ubuntu 8.04 the builds get better and better. Everyone says that the Ubuntu distro gets all the credit for other people's hard work is somewhat true in the media reporting. If I could nail down the Gnome build process then "Ubuntu" would be solely mean the Synaptic application/libraries and the branding icons(which I've done away with) since I build Xorg-xserver/Linux kernel and all the other important applications I need myself. Maybe by the next release cycle(10.10) I won't even need those.
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