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Default 480 on the way. Power worries with 2nd card as Physx ?

Guys, I am running a 280gtx(evga voltage tweaker in use) highly over clocked for air at 750/1500/1300 with a 8800gt doing Physx and it is highly overclocked as well. Sig shows other overclocking as well with a 650w antec all seems rock stable for over 2 years. I know we are all wondering if a 2nd card will help or hinder the 4xx series. Lets say it helps it. 650w antec enough to do it ?

I would think that the 2nd card isnt pulling near the juice as a phsyx card as it isnt doing any raster work. Thoughts ? I could use the 280 that will be left over. 650 might be pushing it for that though.
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