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Default Re: Tearing in all video with driver 195.36.15

I had the same tearing line (on all 3 computers i use), but it seems it is not related to the video's height, but to the total screen height - i had a wide screen movie that had no tearing, yet the others that were higher had the tearing line, almost in the same position.

Anyways, i solved it by disabling the xservers composite extension in xorg.conf.
It worked on all 3 computers - Nvidia 210, Nvidia 8200 IGP, Nvidia Quadro 135M cards running 195.36.15 driver on Debian Squeeze (Gnome). Note that i never installed Compiz on these Debian running boxes.
I tested vdpau with compiz a while back, using Ubuntu 9.04 and older drivers. I did not have the 210 card back then.
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