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Originally posted by jbirney
This time it worked as Mike lost his cool. He could have answer the question as I for one would like to know the anwers.
Not sure I would say that Mike lost his cool per se. It's kind of frustrating when your answer to a question is "X" and yet the question repeatedly gets asked.

I take from this that Mike had no intention for his preview to contain any hint of his own personal recommendations of one product over the other. So, if that's the way the man wants it to be then why can't people respect that fact and move on?

Originally posted by MikeC
Hi Dan,

I didn't write this article with the intention of recommending one product over the other. Had I done so, it would have been necessary to do a thourough investigation into the additional features each of these graphics cards provide. My goal was to provide the reader with supplemental information on gameplay that I hope can be useful in making a purchasing decision.
That seems crystal clear to me, no?
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