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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Yep noisy as hell but not all of them i went throu few deltas and some san ace , from 3000->2800->2600-> to finally 2100 hit the sweet spot that i could tolerate ,no whining noise just "shhhh" wind noise , almost same noise as my scythe 1900rpm slipstreamer, had one ace RPM controlled but once you throttled it down to 2100rpm it made lame noises, love this fixed speed however.
Now that i think about it , its not realy worth it , replacing it with 1600rpm would suffice , only linpack/prime gets cpu hot enough to need so much air. Will be my next rebuild project.

All fans have dust collector's to, that cuts airflow somewhat but significantly less dust to worrie about, case is kinda ugly but meh.
Noise damping insulation was experiment , it helps but some noise still escape thro front panel so that idea didn't work to well :P probably not worth the cash.
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