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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by -=DVS=- View Post
Yep noisy as hell but not all of them i went throu few deltas and some san ace , from 3000->2800->2600-> to finally 2100 hit the sweet spot that i could tolerate ,no whining noise just "shhhh" wind noise , almost same noise as my scythe 1900rpm slipstreamer, had one ace RPM controlled but once you throttled it down to 2100rpm it made lame noises, love this fixed speed however.
Now that i think about it , its not realy worth it , replacing it with 1600rpm would suffice , only linpack/prime gets cpu hot enough to need so much air. Will be my next rebuild project.

All fans have dust collector's to, that cuts airflow somewhat but significantly less dust to worrie about, case is kinda ugly but meh.
Noise damping insulation was experiment , it helps but some noise still escape thro front panel so that idea didn't work to well :P probably not worth the cash.
No offence, but this is why I take review sites over the top perception of noise over enthusiast users. I know what a delta 120x38mm fan sounds like at 2000rpm, my mate used to have one, it's a fair bit more noticable than my 120x25mm fans at 1900rpm and even they're way louder than what I'd like. What's more, with a setup like that, It's no surprise at all that the card doesn't run too hot.

I think people need to read reviews and realise that what they say applies to very picky people but not exactly those looking for an all out silent HTPC. Gague how you will receive the noise from there extreme opinions rather than someone saying it's "bearable" when they have a much higher tolerance than you. Don't take this as some sort of attack, I just don't get why people here hold enthusiast user subjective feedback over review findings when it comes to noise and to a lesser extent heat.

That said, glad it's not above your noise and heat tolerence, most people with no compromise gaming rigs will probably be in the same boat, but there are others who need an all round PC too.
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