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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
Don't take this as some sort of attack, I just don't get why people here hold enthusiast user subjective feedback over review findings when it comes to noise and to a lesser extent heat.
People take enthusiast feedback over reviews, because they are also enthusiasts. I mean, who but an enthusiast is even thinking about buying a 480 in the first place? Also, who puts a top of the line gaming card in an HTPC or is picky enough to think that things like that should even enter the equation when talking about bleeding edge graphics cards?

Personally, I take subjective feedback of gamers over reviewers when it comes to games, and I do the same when it comes to hardware, or even friends when it comes to movies, because these people are more likely to be of the same mindset.

Besides, it's not exactly like the 200 series of cards were very quiet or very cool. It makes complete sense that people with experience with those cards would have no problems with the 400 series. Hell, my 295 was every bit as loud and hot as the 480 using manual fan speeds, which everyone who uses a 200 series card does anyway.

Anyway, my 480 will be here later today, and I'll post some noise/temp figures when I get it. My case is pretty typical (Tsunami) with only one front 120mm fan, two 120mm in the back and an 90mm on the side, nothing crazy, no deltas, etc. I don't expect it to be any louder/hotter with the 480 than it was with my 295, but we shall see.
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