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Default Re: GT200b overclocking guidance please??

Originally Posted by d2thez View Post
I have an eVGA GTX 260 Core 216 55nm and run it happily at 650/1400/2200 with a minimum fan speed of 45%. I see the core and shaders are linked at a 2.15 ratio.

I was thinking about getting a bit more performance and ocing some more. Would it be benificial for me to break the ration link and overclock the core or the shader more? I was kind of thinking trying for a 700 core and keep the shaders at 1400.

Also, does the GT200b scale better with GPU overclocks or RAM overlocks? Thanks in advance!!
I know this is a bit old, but I run both my 260s at 650/1512/1100.I'm sure the memory could go higher, but I'm happy there. I also keep my fan at 100% all the time. I use the Precsion tool from eVGA.
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