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Question Resolution in TV Out GeForce 2MX

I have been using TV Out in Windows for some time to watch movies. It works perfectly using TV-Tool. Now I'm in Linux and would like to get it working here as well. I have been looking at the XF86Config posts to get TwinView to work, but found a program instead called nvtv. It looks a lot like TVTool and is easy to use.

The problem is that I can only see the top left of my screen. I know that my 1280*1024 desktop is to blame for this, because the TV outputs 800*600. But in Windows when I started TVTool my desktop switched to 800*600 and I got to see the whole desktop. How can I get something like this to work in Linux?

When I watch movies and hit "Fullscreen" I would like to see the whole picture, and not just the upper left corner.

If the best way to make this work is by using a XF86Config file, can someone post an example of this, please?
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