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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
Thanks for the feedback. Your results are definitely reassuring. Shows that Nvidia's fan profiles might be little conservative and as such setting manual fan speed could really help. I had a similar issue with my 4870x2 but this round with my 5870 have found that auto works just fine, even on a 35C summer day.

@ bolded, I hope you mean F, 72C ain't usually what someone would call comfortable Aircon definitely helps. One of my print servers at work is a early 3.2GHz prescott, the damn thing goes up to 75C with the fan at 4500rpm only doing full load for 2-5 min extents. With aircon on 23C it never gets above 58C and 3200rpm fan. I've retired it to light workstation duties just today, I'm sick of hearing the fan

Hehe, yeah, I meant 72F. I was so used to putting C next to everything i just wasn't thinking.

Nvidia's default fan profile is horrible. The thing idles at 44% and stays there until your card hit's like 85-90C, and by that time it's too late to keep it cool, it's just trying to catch up. I made my profile (through Afterburner) ramp up with the temps. It starts at 45% @ 45C and keeps the 1:1 until 75% fan speed. Over 75% is when i can start hearing the fan (77% to be exact) so I let it ramp up much slower until the card hits 85C. The fan speed would be 80% at 85C but card never hits 85 in gaming so I never have to hear the fan.
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