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Default Re: GTX 480 (825/1100 MHZ) vs. HD 5870 (975/1300 MHz)

Originally Posted by Vardant View Post
Reviewers say one thing, but the actual owners are saying something else. It all boils down to reviews being done in an open enviroment. These cards behave differently, when put in a case. The temperatures are much lower and so is the noise. So far, people are reporting temperatures around 70C or 80C in heavy scenarios. That's quite a jump from the numbers we were told
I don't leave my case open either, but I'm personally going on relative comparisons. By that I mean, I personally own a GTX 285, and I briefly owned a GTX 295. The 295 is about as loud as I'd want to have to listen to with a case closed.

Assuming the GTX 480 is louder than a 295 - a solid assumption based on the reviews I've read - then its just too loud IMO.


I've seen the 94-95C repeated and reported by several long-standing review sites (think the top names here) who probably have near perfected their measuring techniques. Who am I going to trust?
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