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Default Re: 480 on the way. Power worries with 2nd card as Physx ?

Originally Posted by azanon View Post
Unless you're running 2560x res, you don't need a physx card with a GTX 480. Do folks not realize just how fast these cards are?

Hell, I use a 1680x monitor, 4x FSAA with transparency and ambient occlusion with a GTX 285, and it does physx just fine all by itself, even on max physx setting in Batman.

There must be some misinformation out there where folks don't realize the high end nvidia cards can serve as both a graphics card and do the physx too.
The shader processors used up by Physx do not do the "rendering" of the scene, they merely process shaders. High resolution anti-aliasing performance does not rely on them. This is why you see cards like the 9600GT performing fairly well compared the 9800GT, despite having only 64SPs.

No doubt the GTX480 has a massive amount of processing power though. I don't think dedicated Physx is as necessary with one of these cards but I think it'd still improve frame rates. I wouldn't bother using a GTX 280 for it though. That just seems like a massive waste of power... and money, since you could sell that thing for a decent price still.
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