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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by newparad1gm View Post
Broke my cards in with a bunch of games with EVGA Precision running on my second monitor so I could always monitor temps. I even re-installed Crysis Warhead just to see my GTX 480s eat it for breakfast.

The highest I ever saw the first card get while gaming was 79C, and it hovered around 70-75C most of the time. The second card never ever broke 70C, and was usually around 60-65C. Haven't tried FurMark yet, or even 3DMark Vantage for that matter. I was in the high 50 fps for Crysis Warhead with all Enthusiast settings with a few Ultra High tweaks and 4xAA at 1080p.

I also like the Transparency Supersampling options now (you can choose between 2x, 4x, or 8x). nHancer needs to be updated with those options, so I went back to the CP to screw around with profiles for now.

One wrench thrown into my fun. Apparently Metro 2033 doesn't work in 3D Vision if you use DX11. There's no separation at all, so no 3D image. So lets see a patch or driver update to fix that and the other texture issue at Very High with AAA or 4xAA.
Glad to hear about the temps with them on top of eachother like that. My cards are going to have to sit like that, but I'm keeping one of my GTX 260's around for PhysX too. It's going to be hot, and cramped in my case.

On a side note - it looks like a may be waiting a few more days than I thought. My cards shipped out from Ontario yesterday. Kind of funny they shipped from Canada to go to Virginia.
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