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Lightbulb Wich One Of These Driver Do I Install?

I have red hat 9, which one of these packages do i install, My ethernet port does not work & have video drivers problems, And how do i install them. I need the nForece 2 System Driver for my motherboard

(Red Hat 9)

(Red Hat 9, Kernel Upgrade)

System Information:
Geforce 4 MX Integrated
Nvidia nForce 2 Chipset
MCP2/MCP2-T Chipset
10/100 Onboard LAN (nForce MCP)
AMD Athlon XP 1350Mhz
2 x 256 MB DDR Memory
Maxtor 120 GB Harddrive
Sony CD-RW CRX210E1
Liteon 52x CD-ROM
HP PSC 500 (printer,scanner,copyer)
OS: Redhat Linux 9

This is where i am finding these driver,
Nivdia Download Driver Page

PS: I wolud like to see Nvidia Update the README File on the web site, better documention as to wich one to install and howto for some of us that are new to Linux, Thank you
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