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Default Re: Your system is too SLOW to play this!

Originally Posted by leptogenesis View Post
Tried this, and now the video tends to lock up after a while. Otherwise, it seems to be playing correctly (i.e. when it plays, the video keeps up with the audio). The lockups seem to happen at random intervals (usually a few seconds to a minute of solid playback before the lockup), and once it's locked i can sometimes back up in the video and it'll play for another little while before locking up again. Any ideas?
My first guess would be this kind of symptoms (playback suddenly freezes, but the process doesn't completely hang and you can still seek etc) are caused by an audio output problem. You don't explicitly say it, but I assume audio playback also stops when "video locks up"? Your above paste shows you're using pulseaudio, which is known to have some problems.

Do things work if you use -nosound? Does this happen with all videos? Did it ever happen with the Ubuntu default player? If not, do you get the same audio output in both cases (I don't know whether Ubuntu has modified the defaults or if you have custom configuration)? No pulseaudio vs ALSA-to-pulseaudio difference for example?
Would that coreavc link be likely to do anything different?
Probably not.
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