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Default Re: GTX 480 (825/1100 MHZ) vs. HD 5870 (975/1300 MHz)

Originally Posted by azanon View Post
I don't leave my case open either, but I'm personally going on relative comparisons. By that I mean, I personally own a GTX 285, and I briefly owned a GTX 295. The 295 is about as loud as I'd want to have to listen to with a case closed.

Assuming the GTX 480 is louder than a 295 - a solid assumption based on the reviews I've read - then its just too loud IMO.


I've seen the 94-95C repeated and reported by several long-standing review sites (think the top names here) who probably have near perfected their measuring techniques. Who am I going to trust?

It's clear you have your mind set on believing what you want to believe, and that's fine, but I can tell you these FACTS:

In the exact same case, with the exact same system, my 480 runs 10-15c cooler and is quieter than my 295 that I replaced last week. That's a fact, that's not reviewer testing the card out of a case, of putting some stupid decibel meter directly on the card, or some lame microphone on the fan, etc. that's apples to apples, hands down, solid victory for the 480.

All of these reviews that you saw were pre-release with pre-release bios, and older drivers. My 480 has yet to hit 80c ON ANY GAME and it's never gone above 90c in ANYTHING, including Furmark, which flat out torched my 295.

The real truth is that since gamers have gotten a hold of these cards, the results are FAR different from just about every review that came before they were released. Hell, even Hardware Canuck, which is an excellent site, got fed up of listening to all the FUD and released a video showing what things are really like.

Who am I kidding, you guys who keep complaining about this stuff don't want the truth, you just wanna parrot what you read on some site like you know what you are talking about.
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