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Default Re: Your system is too SLOW to play this!

Originally Posted by leptogenesis View Post
Looking more closely, I noticed that what tends to happen (when audio is enabled) is that the video and audio will freeze for around a second, then the video will start going again for around a quarter of a second with no sound, and then everything stops again. This makes it seem like a pause in vdpau is screwing up the audio, which then causes the final freeze.
A video problem, even if there is one, should not be able to completely stop audio playback unless it completely freezes the player (which doesn't happen here) or causes general memory corruption. Of course it's possible that timing variations could trigger an audio bug; but the audio would have to be buggy to begin with.
Well, I tried using the -ao alsa option with the mplayer from git and I got the same behavior. (not sure whether that actually means it's actually using alsa directly...ubuntu audio is confusing)
Was was the ao used when you did NOT specify that? Pulse?

AFAIK Ubuntu by default forwards ALSA output to PulseAudio. It's probably possible to test disabling PulseAudio somehow, but I don't know how (I don't use Ubuntu myself).
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